A real-time simulation to equip leaders to drive change

Creating buy-in is difficult work. Organisations with enduring competitive advantage and resilience are those which can rapidly respond to opportunities and threats and bring all their people along on the journey.
ExperienceChange is a guided change simulation based on award-winning technology and facilitated by a certified Pcubed change practitioner. The simulation incorporates a best-practice model for managing change. ExperienceChange workshops give participants the confidence and competence that organisations require to thrive and endure.


  • Like the real world, without the scars

ExperienceChange simulates the challenges of real world change. Users can interview stakeholders and then receive immediate, interactive feedback on decisions – both good and bad. This reinforces learning without putting company resources on the line.

  • One year of experience in one day

In ExperienceChange, participants work in teams to tackle a realistic change project. From analysis through to planning and implementation, the simulation delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop.

  • Interactive team working encourages dialogue and sharing of experiences

Focused practice with change tools and techniques takes place under expert guidance. Experiences are shared and competition ensures an energizing experience that reveals true change behaviours.

  • It's fun!

Respondents consistently report enjoying the experience.