As Government deliberates, stressed Healthcare Systems turn to Enterprise Project Management Solutions for the Agility to respond

Monday, March 27, 2017
“US leading healthcare systems have been doing the impossible,” observes Houston Pcubed Vice President, David Roberts. “But how much longer can hospitals and clinics continue to manage creative change in their portfolio of resources, medical knowhow, and fluctuating revenue sources? We believe Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is everyone’s best choice for meeting rising patient loads while responding to complex change, making the impossible possible.”

All of the nation’s healthcare systems must manage a sharply increasing critical patient load as the population ages. Each must be ready to combat new diseases that can spread around the globe instantly. Each must improve procedure success rates and optimize hospital stays without increasing readmissions. In addition, all healthcare systems must harness the promise of new technologies, implementing them effectively to improve patient experience through clinical innovation or process optimization. As administrative costs typically account for around a quarter of all hospital spending, there must be a constant focus on delivering projects that streamline and automate the workflow surrounding patient care.
“And they have to do all of this as the sources of their revenue are redirected by governmental decisions that may add, subtract or change compliance regulations.” Pcubed’s Roberts continues, “In a word, every healthcare system must become agile.”
A healthcare system is a complex ecosystem staffed by people of different origins, with training in different disciplines, and who also champion their different professional functions. But all must unite in their determination to deliver superior patient care.
Healthcare systems’ teams include specialized physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, social workers, accountants, lawyers, IT specialists, and other staff that must work together to deliver on their organization’s priorities. Senior administrators are all too familiar with the reality that they can’t get everything done. Coordinating key resources to deliver a prioritized portfolio of projects via Enterprise Project Management (EPM) will ensure that available budgets, resources and business priorities can be blended to deliver powerfully against the organization’s strategy.
“Delivering a portfolio of healthcare projects can feel like running a marathon” Houston Pcubed’s Roberts observes.
“It’s a long distance race that takes in market, medical and governmental demands. It’s a race that we as a general population do not want our healthcare systems to lose,” says Roberts.
“Running this race requires both revolution and evolution of practices. We need to create a shared vision for outcomes and the tools to track the progress and shortfalls as we move towards those outcomes.”
Pcubed brings Microsoft’s project program management tool to this complex problem and assists with its implementation across all of the functional centers of a hospital or clinic.
It has only been in the last decade that the adoption of Enterprise Project Management (EPM) as implemented by Pcubed has effectively enabled hospital and health care change. Strategic planning teams can now keep pace with demand by capturing new ideas and driving innovation and quality into structured change management schedules with synchronous projects.
Whether you call it Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or EPM, whether you host locally or are moving to the Cloud, these systems transform the collection and sharing of data across multiple projects to improve decision making and mitigate risks. They drive agility in adopting innovation, provide greater financial control, strengthen security, and improve quality of services to expedite patient flow through your health care system.
“EPM and PPM are fundamental tools of informed strategic planning, cost reduction and change management, Roberts says.
“The road to agile is paved with EPM.”

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