Insight #51

The Only Constant Is Change

  • PPM Tools for a Cloud-based World: Interview with Microsoft's Chris Crane

    With Microsoft's new Project Online, companies can see project management implementation done in a day. The same with Office 365 for business productivity applications. Microsoft's Director of Project and Visio Marketing explains why the majority of organizations will consume cloud-based IT software and services before the end of the decade. Read Article ›

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    What CIOs Need to Understand about Cloud Computing Not all cloud computing initiatives make sense, according to Sarim Khan, CEO of SharpCloud. This start-up offers a cloud-based application for "visual social roadmapping." He makes a case for why Microsoft has a big lead in delivering cloud services to the enterprise and offers a piece of advice to CIOs who want to succeed with their cloud strategy. Read More ›

  • The ERP Business Journey

    A different management approach is required for an enterprise resource planning deployment to be successful, encompassing change across the organisation in processes, technology, and, of course, people. Pcubed's Gilles Marajo lays out the mindset required to succeed with ERP projects. Read Article ›
  • The Five Challenges of Change Management in an ERP Project

    A major aspect of any ERP initiative is ensuring the change management aspect of it is right and that employees are ready and know what they are getting. Pcubed's Alyn Bailey shares five challenges you'll probably face - and advice for how to tackle them. Read Article ›
  • Culture Change in Business Transformation

    To understand the key levers for change, you need to study organizations - the people and environments - that are good at it. Pcubed's Ben de Haldevang was part of a team that did just that. Studying quick-change organizations in fashion, public safety, education, medicine, and other fields helped identify six themes that make up the ingredients of change success. Read Article ›

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    Forget About Change Management! Ben de Haldevang believes there are some serious flaws in appointing a team of people to be in charge of "change management." Here's his alternative approach. Read More ›