Insight #63

Got Innovation? What About Value?

  • Public Project Auditor: Interview with NAO Director Tim Banfield

    The UK National Audit Office probably saved taxpayers in that country £1 billion last year with its recommendations for how to improve large government projects. In this interview longtime Director Tim Banfield examines the faulty thinking that lies behind identifying project "failure," describes how project initiation can serve as a predictor of future success, and explains why he's gone back to school for a year to study project leadership. Read Article ›
  • Rocket Man: An Interview with Land Speed Record Holder Richard Noble

    Richard Noble is on the run again - pursuing his continual dream to develop the fastest cars on earth. The latest vehicle - Bloodhound SSC (for Super Sonic Car) - is expected to begin its test runs in 2014 and exceed a thousand mph the following year. In this interview, Noble bemoans a lack of innovation among the current captains of industry, shares his secret for constantly facing the challenges of "impossible projects," and explains why he believes a new world land speed record could help inspire a new generation of engineers. Read Article ›
  • Going Global: Sir Alan Collins on the International Imperative

    Research shows that companies that diversify their customer base by entering foreign markets tend to be more profitable and less likely to go under. But going global is also a complex project management challenge. Former British Consul General and Ambassador Sir Alan Collins, Pcubed's Ben De Haldevang, and other experts offer guidance on managing employment, tax, legal, and cultural issues. Read Article ›
  • Project Management Senator-Style: Q&A with Sen. Patrick Colbeck

    For 14 years Patrick Colbeck's work was all about project and program management (including nearly six years as a director with Pcubed) and helping clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations. Now he's taken those skills into a senatorial seat in the state of Michigan. In this interview Colbeck lays out how projects unfold for a state government, what "stakeholder management" looks like as a senator, and why he'll probably never completely give up his use of SharePoint. Read Article ›
  • Insight from Gartner PPM

    The focus this year at Gartner's U.S.-based PPM conference was on prioritizing investments, perfecting performance, and proving value. Here are some key insights and takeaways. Read Article ›