Insight #67

Regulators on the Hunt: How to Face the Challenge

  • Digital Magna Carta: A Pcubed Panel Discussion in UK's House of Commons

    As we grapple with government spying, concerns about data protection and cybersecurity, and battles over net neutrality, it’s possible that our online identities will require protections like those possessed by our “real” selves. However, the concept of a “digital Magna Carta” could present major challenges to companies that deliver products and services through the Internet.   Read Article ›
  • Your Financial Services E-discovery Checklist

    Pcubed is working with a major global bank to help set up a group to improve the organisation's e-discovery quality and risk management processes and systems. In this article, Pcubed's Niall Mann and Laura Willson share five insights honed from that initiative. Read Article ›
  • Lifecycle of a Manufacturing Plant: From Birth to Old Age

    Distinct manufacturing development stages mirror the maturity spectrum of a human being. Pcubed’s Pramal Lad and AGCO's Paul Blackmore describe how evaluating "comparables" with your existing position in this "lifecycle" can lead to managing the plant team with the most suitable approach, tailored for effective communication and maximum results.  Read Article ›
  • TechTips: SQL Maintenance of Project Server Databases

    Sometimes Project Server database logs start growing out of control and cause excessive hard drive usage on database servers. Pcubed's Virgilio Arciniegas describes the several possible causes for this problem, and different ways to address it.  Read Article ›