Insight #67

Regulators on the Hunt: How to Face the Challenge

  • Tuning into Innovation at the Edge

    Former Orange executive and Xendo founder Julian Gay explains how sizable organizations can "tune into the weak signals" of potential disruptors - by isolating start-ups or, as in Xendo's case, launching them. Read Article ›
  • Innovation in Portfolio Management

    Ford Motor Co.'s Stefano Spadoni and Pcubed's Dora Riley examine how innovation in project and portfolio management can benefit an organization and keep new product development advancing. Read Article ›
  • All Systems Go: Trends in Automotive

    This field report by Pcubed's Dora Riley from the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum, offers a view into the prospects for "very light" cars, the makers of infotainment systems, and engineers innovating. Read Article ›
  • Leading Change and Transition

    As Pcubed's Eric Foss notes, organizational change is tough to achieve because people can't figure out how to let go of old processes and roles and embrace new ones. Here he describes how to lead stakeholders through a change initiative by getting them through first steps. Read Article ›
  • Change Management: The Meteorologist Approach

    Pcubed's Angela Kemp has taken to thinking about change management like a weather person thinks about forecasting The "meteorologist approach," is about creating a better change environment through doing the right kinds of communication as well as enacting the right kinds of controls. Read Article ›
  • TechTips: Project Server Online Resources

    Pcubed's Eric Schyberg has come to rely on a handful of Microsoft resources to help him during his working hours immersed in all things Project Server- and SharePoint-related. In this month's tech tip, he opens his online toolkit. Read article › Read Article ›