Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Delivery of a successful, on-time separation of complex virtual tools and business applications, along with a supporting IT infrastructure.

The Client

With a renowned heritage and an innovative and exciting product range, this automotive manufacturer is recognized as a leading automotive brand, and although the industry has been through an extremely challenging period, our clients strategic focus and vision has successfully guided them through a period that saw previously successful competitors disappear.

The Challenge

The primary challenge facing the teams responsible for the Product Development divestiture was to deliver a successful on-time separation of the all the associated virtual tools and business applications, along with a supporting IT infrastructure.

Other key challenges included:

  • Ensuring business continuity throughout the separation without impact to vehicle program delivery
    Execution of the separation program could not be at the expense of business as usual activities such as the design, launch or production of vehicles to the consumer market.
  • Complete data separation and cleansing to support Intellectual Property contractual agreements
    Each brands data repositories needed to be cleared of non relevant/approved information of the reciprocal company to adhere to the legal agreements, and avoid significant penalties and detrimental effects on the negotiations.
  • Recognizing and implementing change in established business processes
    Key subject matter experts and stakeholders needed to be identified and engaged to review established business processes, supporting the evaluation of whether they could continue or the process required modifications.
  • Ensure business requirements were aligned with IT solutions and program objectives
    Verifying that the technical approach of the solution delivered the requirements defined by the business owners and subject matter experts, as well as the conditions of the contractual agreements.
  • Design and implement a reporting and decision making structure
    The approach taken to communicate progress and the challenges needed to blend into existing reporting channels, and have the ability to draw on the support on the relevant levels of governance when required.

The Pcubed Solution

Responsible for full program delivery across the lifecycle of the separation, integration into the business delivery team was required, building up subject matter expertise where required to correctly shape the solutions to meet the principle objectives.

Key elements of the solution included:

  • Program Leadership
    Pcubed's leadership across the program drove the business teams through from concept to final delivery, shaping the structure, scoping the requirements, identifying key deliverables, designing report/document templates and agreeing measures of acceptance to support concurrence of the programs final sign-off criteria.
  • Enterprise Project Delivery
    Developing business project plans, as well as installing risk and issue identification/management technique and controls within every work stream to enable successful program delivery. The outputs and updates from the plans, risks and issues were captured and consolidated through the reporting process introduced and managed by Pcubed, clearly communicating work streams on track or areas requiring help.
  • Working quadCollaborative approach
    Each workstreams identified a working quad, made up from business and an IT representative from each of the company's, ensuring a balanced and collaborative approach of management.
  • Decision making capability
    Relevant decision making capability was established through the structured levels of governance to ensure a fast flow of risk and issues, supporting their mitigation and resolution response times.
  • Application transfer management
    With the requirement to transfer and install the ownership and delivery capability of hundreds of applications between the brands, Pcubed managed the process including initial evaluation with subject matter experts and business owners, the knowledge and document transfers as well as the final sign-off acceptance with the new application owners.

The Business Results

Through a focused and controlled approach of collaborative working, Pcubed delivered the Product Development workstream within budget and on time; the only domain on the Program recognized to do so, enabling the brands to progress on the separate journeys in the highly competitive automotive industry.

Additional key results included:

  • Separated business applications and IT infrastructure
    The virtual tools and supporting infrastructure were successfully separated as a result of implementing independent solutions in Company B, whilst maintaining business continuity. In addition data repositories were cleansed of inappropriate data to support the contractual agreements.
  • Application transfer database
    A database documenting the analysis, transition approach and business acceptance sign-off was created and referencable for use in key program gateways.
  • Secure data migration
    As a result of Pcubed's detailed analysis, and a planned and managed process of transfer, data was successfully transferred between repositories, delivering a solution in line with contractual agreements.
  • Strengthened blueprint for future automotive divestitures
    In addition to experience and delivery capability for leadership gained in the separation of two major automotive companies Pcubed has a strengthened blueprint to separate automotive business.