Leading Global Investment Bank

Pcubed rapidly deployed a robust, scalable and highly customised project management information system.

The Client

One of the world's leading wealth management, capital markets and advisory companies with offices in 40 countries and territories and total client assets of approximately $1.6 trillion. As an investment bank, it is a leading global trader and underwriter of securities and derivatives across a broad range of asset classes and serves as a strategic advisor to corporations, governments, institutions and individuals worldwide.

The Challenge

In mid 2008, Pcubed was invited as one of Microsoft's leading Gold Partners specialising in Enterprise Project Management solutions to review the urgent requirements to rapidly deploy a robust, scalable and fit for purpose project management information system. After a competitive procurement process Pcubed was chosen to deploy a very large scale EPM solution based on the Microsoft product suite coupled with the unique Pcubed Reporting System (DeliveryHub).

The requirement was to deploy a complete solution and to design, develop and deliver a simple click-through, easy to access reporting solution to ensure that all levels in the business can access the trusted facts around the portfolio of initiatives and projects that were being invested in.

The Pcubed Solution

Pcubed supported the delivery of the solution by utilising a large team of technology and business experts over the life cycle of deployment.

The first major task was ensuring the "output" was totally in line with current compliant governance practices and the solution could be easily utilised and accessed globally.

The agreed scope was organized into releases, and with the collaborative support of Pcubed and the client this very large deployment was delivered in record time.

By utilising the Pcubed Reporting Solution the client was able to automatically generate the key management reports in a fraction of the time. It was mission critical that the Pcubed Reporting Solution has the capability to pull data from any business system source, in this case Business Engine with data sources also from Oracle.

The Pcubed Reporting Solution has been built to allow access to data via a single source to be output into practically any possible format.

The Client Benefits

Prior to the deployment the client's project management community were surveyed to understand the time which project managers and their colleagues in project management offices spent developing and delivering the necessary project management reports. The initial findings showed the average to be 30% of their time spent on reporting.

After the deployment the time now spent across the hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of projects managed and tracked in the solution has been reduced to less than 30 minutes per reporting cycle. This is a substantial saving of time, but more importantly allows project managers to increase their time on the actual activity of managing project delivery.

Another key benefit was the discovery of a number of projects that had been running with severe issues. These projects were stopped as soon as the data became available and the multi-millions of investment were re-routed to other more beneficial projects in the portfolio. In effect the investment in the solution was returned in a matter of weeks after the live launch and the solution was swiftly embedded in the organisation's project management DNA.