Major Healthcare Provider

Pcubed performed an EPM upgrade and implemented a custom reporting solution, based on Pcubed's DeliveryHub technology to gain greater visibility and efficiencies in the areas of resource, project, program, and portfolio management.

The Client

Our client is a non-profit network of physicians and hospitals that serve Northern California and other communities in the Northwest. This network of acute care hospitals, home care and hospice programs, long-term care facilities, and medical research centers is often the only care option for rural communities as well as the poor and uninsured.

Non-profit status allows our client to focus on all patients (insured or not) and provides the opportunity for significant reinvestment in medical research, services, and technology improvements. Last year our client provided $600 million in services to poor or less privileged patients.

The Challenge

This Major Healthcare Providers' Information Services supports dozens of clinical and non-clinical applications that facilitate day-to-day operations (in care facilities and corporate offices) and require frequent maintenance and updating to maintain quality of service. This project-based activity requires a very precise level of planning, good communication, and efficient coordination to execute on time and on budget.

  • The organization needed to know what resources were working on and where
  • The efficient use of time, financial, and human resources is essential to keeping overhead down, but was difficult to track
  • Portfolio/project health and performance statistics did not provide the right information for decision-makers

The Pcubed Solution

Pcubed was engaged to upgrade the EPM application to a more robust version and to design, develop, and deploy custom reports that would facilitate better, patient care-focused decision making.

Pcubed gathered detailed requirements from all stakeholders to configure the new EPM system to our client's data management and security needs. The organization chose to leverage Pcubed's DeliveryHub Datastore which provides the capability to report across disparate data sources and turn historical data into valuable trending information. Pcubed developed reports for the go-live state, and DeliveryHub will provide increased reporting flexibility for the future. Pcubed provided 'train the trainer' sessions to the PMO staff on new and customized functionality in the EPM application and delivered detailed, custom reports to measure project, program, and portfolio health and performance information.

Client Results

  • Our client gained better visibility into their resource work and coordination efforts through comprehensive cross-project dependency reporting
  • Project performance information is now easily visible in dashboard views
  • Flexibility to create custom reports from multiple systems using one development platform and data source provides reporting capability never before achievable in the organization
  • Data security needs were met and applied in a uniform fashion across the EPM application and custom reports
  • Recommendations for more efficient resource planning and project cost capture will help project cost estimation