Network Rail

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Pcubed partnered with Network Rail to deliver an optimisation programme which identified more than 500 assets which could be classed as surplus to requirements, resulting in multi-million pound maintenance savings as well as increased safety and reliability on the network.

The Client

Network Rail runs, maintains and develops Britain’s 20,000 miles of rail tracks and 40,000 bridges and tunnels, as well as signalling, level crossings, viaducts and 17 key stations. The organization has more than 35,000 employees and takes in an annual revenue of more than £6,197m.

The Challenge

Network Rail wanted to introduce an optimisation programme across the network in order to improve its safety, reliability, and efficiency. By identifying switches and crossings (S & C) which were surplus to requirement across the network, Network Rail also hoped to make major savings on maintenance costs.

The programme was endorsed by the Rail Delivery Group, a leadership organisation made up of Network Rail, passenger train operating companies, and freight operators. The programme team needed to work collaboratively with passenger train and freight operating companies as well as internal stakeholders to identify surplus switches and crossings for pre-renewal abandonment across the network.

The Pcubed Solution

As part of the network optimisation process, Pcubed helped develop an interactive decision support tool that enabled the programme team to start creating robust business cases and make informed investment decisions. Pcubed provided experienced project management consultancy services to support the client team to deliver:

  • Closure of actions to identify surplus S&C assets by managing project managers on all routes
  • Complex stakeholder management, working with pan industry individuals from practitioner to director level to determine requirements and facilitate decisions and proposals
  • Change management, developing tailored and targeted messaging and feedback mechanisms to ensure the right messages reached the right people in the right way. The Pcubed team helped drive leadership, motivation and incentives to change the organisation’s cultural way of thinking, i.e. “We’ve always done things like this, so why change?”
  • An interactive VBA tool that allowed the route to secure funding for pre-renewal abandonment.
  • Cross industry workshops to review all S&C assets along the route. Workshops typically included around 30 people from various parts of Network Rail, train and freight operating companies, with the aim of balancing operation risk with cost savings 
  • Business Benefits

The programme successfully identified around 500 assets across the network which were assessed as surplus to requirements. This will deliver multi-million pound cost-savings over the next financial control period.  Abandoning these older switches and crossings will also lead to increased reliability and overall safety for the 1.4 billion passenger journeys made on the British railway network each year.