Wisdom Tree Investments Inc

“The team already worked well, but we wanted to build capability to increase efficiency, minimise risks, and improve their work-life balance. Pcubed listened, synthesised the collective view of the team, and has left us with a set of tools that will make our jobs easier”
- Jarv Ashford, COO, WisdomTree Europe Limited

The Client

WisdomTree Investments, Inc. (“WisdomTree”) launched its first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in June 2006 and is currently the seventh largest ETF provider globally. WisdomTree sponsors ETFs that span asset classes and countries around the world, and it pioneered the concept of fundamentally weighted ETFs and active ETFs.

In Europe, WisdomTree has two product ranges, the WisdomTree ETF UCITS range and the Boost ETP range. The European business is run out of London and covers clients in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and elsewhere across Europe.


The Challenge

To improve the London team’s new product introduction process, focusing on:

  • Process optimisation to minimise risks in product launches by implementing a common product launch plan and associated ‘artefacts’ (tools in Excel, Word etc)
  • Mapping the current processes (As-is) and developing a combined future (To-be) process for both the ETF and ETP product launches
  • Building a common future vision and plan incorporating all phases of development and launch across the products
  • Optimising teamwork and communication in a fast paced and complex environment
  • Establishing management’s reporting requirements and time-saving reporting tools for the team, covering timing, issues, risks and responsibilities during the product development process.


The Pcubed Solution

  1. Documented current processes through interviews and workshops, to agree the required phases and processes
  2. Development of a standardised project plan to improve planning and control
  3. Identification of all key artefacts, associated owners, and key contributors to ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly understood during development and launch phases
  4. Implementing daily stand-up meetings, using Agile methodology, to increase communications and transparency resulting in improved collaboration and understanding
  5. Assessed options and provided an appropriate reporting solution to meet the future needs