Energy, Oil & Gas

Pcubed's Energy, Oil & Gas practice has partnered with several of the worlds oil majors, leading utilities, and emerging alternative energy firms on delivering their most complex programs, optimizing capital portfolios, and enhancing their internal delivery capability.

With over thirty percent of our staff having experience in the energy sector, and drawing on relevant best practices from our manufacturing experience, Pcubed is able to deliver compelling solutions to enable energy industry Organizations select their optimal projects and deliver on the most complex programs.

Our practice is focused on helping you with the following challenges:

  • Portfolio Optimization

    Our Portfolio Optimization approach allows companies to select an optimal approach that maximizes strategic value and financial returns, for any capital or resource constraint, whilst minimizing Health, Environmental, and Safety Risks and ensuring compliance. Our unique approach and tools have been used within single business unit portfolios, or across the complete value chain.

  • Program Leadership

    The energy industry continues to undertake some of the worlds most complex initiatives. Partnering with Pcubed allows organizations to deliver on these initiatives with confidence. Our approach not only ensures that programs are delivered on time and within budget, but that they deliver on promised objectives and benefits.

  • Building Delivery Capability

    Facing a disproportionate percentage of its workforce heading into retirement, building institutional knowledge and delivery capability is of upmost importance to the energy industry. Pcubed works with energy clients to build internal project and program management execution capability, that is pervasive across the organization.

Practice Leads

  • David Roberts
    Vice President Houston Hub
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  • David Whitmore
    Head of Energy - EMEA
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