Financial Services

Almost half of the Fortune 500 firms are Pcubed clients. Our financial services practice is proud to work with many of the leading global investment firms, clearing houses, wealth managers and private equity firms. We help our clients navigate a range of complex issues, from delivering M&A value through executing integration or divestiture plans to helping organizations optimize investments and reducing costs to drive value. In short, we help our clients manage complexity.

In financial services many of our clients are interested in the following areas:

Start Up Support ›

We support our clients on their key initiatives through project set up, business requirements analysis, stakeholder alignment and establishing the proper governance and control structures.Read More ›

Whether ensuring your start up delivers its intent, from government policy execution to specific programs of change it helps you:

  • Develop strategic roadmaps and implementation blueprints from inception to delivery.
  • Perform options and requirements analysis and develop effective Business cases.
  • Build an executable portfolio of initiatives to deliver the end state.
  • Develop an effective supply chain.
  • Deploy governance and control.

Delivering M&A Value ›

We have a proven track record in helping our clients successfully deliver M&A and transaction value. We assist our clients through the due diligence stage, helping them focus on possible risks and impacts to the business. We then help them define their target end state – then set the course, ensuring that delivery plans align to their implementation objectives. Read More ›

Our approach includes:

  • Rigorous transaction management, focused on delivering value from deal origination through to full transformation.
  • Seamless handover from due diligence to Day 1 by focusing on value creation targets and synergies whilst mitigating risk.
  • Clear mandate and alignment with leadership team and stakeholders throughout the transaction life.
  • A robust value creation plan (your anticipated benefits) that drive and link to integration plans and execution.
  • Objective and focused management information.
  • An integration approach based on our methodology that accelerates set-up and adds rigour to the integration process.

Cost & Complexity Reduction ›

We help our clients identify effective bottom-up cost reduction and efficiency opportunities as well as set up top-down target direction to ensure the delivery of the identified total cost savings. Read More ›

Our On Cost Delivery Toolkit can help you reduce cost, improve ROI and get products to market quicker via:

  • Defining end to end cost management strategies and optimising investment portfolios
  • Delivering through life benefits management
  • Applying value engineering principles such as Lean and Six Sigma
  • Evaluating and optimising governance framework

Our previous experience includes helping Jaguar Land-Rover identify £500m of cost savings and helping EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) reduce time to market by 32%.

Our consultants are highly experienced and qualified in a wide variety of cost and complexity reduction methodologies such as Portfolio Optimization Lean Transformation and Six Sigma.

Regulatory Compliance Delivery ›

Our targeted regulatory compliance support helps our clients achieve compliance within aggressive time frames and ensure the proper engagement of key stakeholders. Read More ›

We help you:

  • Quickly mobilize an overall program structure and supporting PMO to develop, manage and implement a compliance solution.
  • Develop governance structures to manage multiple stakeholders, subject matter experts and suppliers across business functions, departments, and international jurisdictions.
  • Align regulatory program benefits with corporate strategy.
  • Identify other ongoing transformation programs which can facilitate, or be facilitated by, mandatory regulatory changes.
  • Build a robust change and scope control process that will quickly respond to evolving regulation interpretations.
  • Review and rescue existing regulatory programs to ensure they are on track to deliver compliance efficiently, and in line with required deadlines.

Practice Leads

Our Financial Services practice is led by a team with many years of experience working inside the industry at Managing Director level and understands the unique issues facing financial institutions today:

  • Karl Williams
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  • Sanjeev Kumar
    South East Asia
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