Since Pcubed began with Ford nearly twenty years ago, we have partnered with many of the world's leading manufacturing, aerospace, consumer products and transportation firms including Jaguar Land-Rover, Ford, Invensys, Electrolux, Airbus, Aston Martin, GM, GKN, Delphi and Harman. We specialize in helping organizations deliver business transformation and embed innovation - leveraging our core capabilities in program, portfolio and change management consulting.

From setting up a lean PMO to get major programs off the ground quickly to providing the cutting-edge tools your teams need to deliver efficiently, Pcubed works with its clients to facilitate the front end and streamline the back end of innovation while supporting global strategy execution through the following areas:

Managing Ideas and Supporting Collaboration ›

Pcubed has helped many of the Fortune 100 develop better ways to manage new ideas and support collaboration.  READ MORE ›

We help clients develop a collaborative, cross-functional approach to idea generation, harnessing the creative energy of team members across an organization. Pcubed then works with both business and IT organizations to select the best new initiatives in line with strategic objectives.

Reducing Time-to-Market ›

Pcubed's integrated approach to innovation and new product development typically reduces the lifecycle for major investments by up to a third.  READ MORE ›

Scaling new ideas and engaging the organization to collectively deliver them with speed is a challenge Pcubed has been helping organization overcome for 20 years. Pcubed's proven Lean PMO accelerates delivery from the initial stages of the business plan to the launch of a new product or initiative. For most of our clients speed to market delivers significant cost savings and higher ROIs.

Transforming Businesses to Operate Globally ›

Pcubed has helped many of our global clients expand their operations around the globe.  READ MORE ›

We have worked with many global clients to create more effective organizations by establishing operational capabilities in new territories, harmonizing and scaling processes on a global basis, standardizing operations across regions and capturing synergies, enabling enterprise visibility and ensuring consistent metrics across the enterprise.

Reducing Cost and Complexity ›

Pcubed specializes in helping organizations streamline global operations via benchmarking, lean manufacturing, value engineering and targeted interim support for cost reduction programs and supply chain optimization. READ MORE ›

We also specialize in simplifying gateways to increase profitability and managing the transitions to global platform engineering.

Practice Leads

Pcubed's Manufacturing Practice is run by a team of industry veterans with substantial experience in manufacturing, engineering and innovation management:

  • Dan Ling
    Vice President Detroit Hub
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  • Keith Robinson
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