Public Sector

More for less; agencies today are universally under even greater pressure to improve efficiency in their delivery of high priority projects and programs, while also navigating an environment of enhanced scrutiny and transparency, extensive stakeholder requirements and widening policy mandates.

As a result agencies are looking to intelligently cut costs, drive best-in-class operational capabilities, and optimize delivery benefits while also improving internal competencies. Our expertise can help:

Optimizing Investments ›

With the drive towards enhanced budget transparency, ensuring government spending has a strategic focus and clear outcomes/outputs, good governance, and a robust capital planning process are essential. Less discretionary funding, constantly changing priorities and long term supplier contracts present little room for maneuvering.  READ MORE ›

We can help you efficiently identify the portfolio of programs that deliver maximum benefit within your budgetary constraints and put in frameworks to effectively manage it as ministerial directives, new policy proposals, or external forces can change the priorities.

Delivering Policy & Change ›

With increasing public and media scrutiny of government spending and an emphasis on obtaining greater value for money, we can help you drive efficient yet rapid delivery to realize your policy and change targets.  READ MORE ›

As an Accredited Consulting Organization (ACO) in application of OGC best management practice, we have the proven expertise to pragmatically adapt and implement these frameworks to effectively deliver government policy and change.

In addition Pcubed can provide a ‘helping hand’ through mentoring and assurance services for your strategic programs.  Our diagnostic tools and experienced staff will compare your delivery efforts against industry guidelines and ‘hard-won’ best practice learnings to provide a practical roadmap to successful outcomes and benefits. Identified improvements typically reduce costs by 20%.

Building Delivery Capability ›

Improving internal delivery capabilities is the only way to reduce long term operational costs and maximize operational effectiveness.  READ MORE ›

With agencies now required to demonstrate a delivery capability in order to obtain funding for projects and programs, we can help you assess your current maturity and develop and implement a plan for improvement.

As part of implementing the roadmap we provide a lasting legacy of skills, processes and tools to reduce your reliance on external consultants in the long-term while not compromising delivery in the short-term. We achieve this through skills transfer, access to our library of best practice process solutions, and tools.

Pcubed works with a variety of public sectors across the globe. We have significant clients across the UK, US, and Australian governments. A few of these include UK Ministry of Justice, UK Home Office, UK’s Network Rail, UK Ministry of Defence, Transport for London, Australian Department of Defence, Queensland Government, US Internal Revenue Services (IRS), IRS Criminal Investigations Division, US Department of Justice and the New York City and State government entities.

Some additional current and past clients include the Olympic Delivery Authority, Olympic Park Legacy Company, NASA, FIFA World Cup 2006, New York Road Runners (NY City Marathon), UNICEF, NASA, Formula 1, Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, Athens 2004 Olympics, London 2012 Olympics, and FIFA World Cup 2022.


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