Telecoms, Technology & Media

Organizations are faced with an increasingly complex environment to complete projects that optimize spending and make the right strategic investment choices

Our clients in the High Tech and Media sector demand Pcubed expertise and support to successfully complete projects in their industry to; launch new offerings more successfully in ever shorter timeframes; manage projects to optimize their business performance; and support programs to drive a larger competitive advantage.

Pcubed has the industry experience to assist in the set-up of portfolio selection programs, program and project management and the successful completion of lean management programs.

  • Optimised Investment

    We tap into our industry expertise of portfolio managers to identify, plan and set up the portfolio of programs which will reap maximum benefits within your constraints. This involves development and assessment of programs for contribution to strategic goals, training your teams and developing the processes, the risks attached to delivery and the likelihood of success. Our proprietary tools help provide you with a clear and auditable rationale for the chosen portfolio.

  • Efficient Program Delivery

    Organizations find it increasingly difficult to select and complete complex projects as industries operate globally. Program delivery capabilities are becoming inefficient and administrative in nature. We will tap into our industry expertise, integration capabilities, high impact solutions and our rapid diagnostic tools to compare your arrangements to best practice and provide you with a roadmap to ensure that support delivers real added value. Improvement will typically reduce costs by at least 20%.

  • Building Delivery Capability

    We provide a lasting legacy of skills, processes and tools to reduce reliance on external consultants in the long-term without compromising delivery in the short-term. We achieve this through skills transfer, access to our library of best practice process solutions and templates, and the use of our Pcubed DeliveryHub PPM Solution.

Practice Leads

  • Rhodri Cave
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