Market conditions are forcing telcos to address operational efficiency, cost reduction, time-to-market and capital expenditure. Yet at the same time customers are demanding more for less from all providers in the telco market - fixed, mobile and ISPs.

In the face of such pressures, telcos need to become more agile; able to respond quickly and effectively to changing demands. As a result, transformation and rationalization programs are key to enabling telcos to survive and thrive.

These complex programs carry high risk, especially as most telcos have little experience of managing such complexity. We understand your business goals and have a proven track record of helping our telco clients de-risk these programs and execute successfully on them.


  • Improving your telco roadmap time to market

    Time-to-market improvements drive increased market share and revenues, as well as reduced costs. On the ground they enable more predictable schedules, minimized resources, and increased flexibility to make changes midstream without disruption. Pcubed have a proven track record of diagnosing, redesigning and executing improved TTM processes. We have achieved 35%+ improvements in TTM across a wide-ranging roadmap, while at the same time improving quality and reducing OPEX.

  • Derisking complex CRM & billing Program delivery

    Telcos find it difficult to manage and control the new generation of highly complex CRM and Billing Programs. Costs spiral, control may be lost and total failure is not uncommon, often after €ms have been spent. Pcubed has a proven track record of derisking these programs, putting in place governance structures that provide the visibility and insight to enable you to decide and act quickly on issues, and the controls that enable you to manage delivery to a clear masterplan.

  • Merger integration & joint venture management

    Mergers and JVs are relatively easy to strategize, but a lot more difficult to execute. Massive complexity and ambiguity together with big cultural challenges often mean it is hard to achieve integration. The benefits targeted are often lost sight of. At Pcubed we are helping our clients manage some of the biggest mergers and JVs currently in progress. We will help you translate the strategy into an executable masterplan, and we will build the trust and focus in the central team which is needed to execute successfully.

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    North America
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