Change Management

We help our clients facilitate the organizational, cultural and people changes needed for successful business change programs in order to identify hidden risks early, ensure adoption and maximize associated benefits.


  • Stakeholder Management
    The identification, assessment, mapping and planning associated with engaging people interested or affected by project and programs.
  • Communications
    Tailored, targeted messaging and feedback mechanisms to ensure the right messages reach the right people in the right ways, at the right time.
  • Preparing Organizations for Change
    Activities for assessing change readiness and impact; creating a shared vision, establishing a compelling business case, and defining an effective change management strategy and execution plan.
  • Organization Design / Target Operating Model Change
    The assessment of existing operations and the change impact to them, the creation of a high level vision of the future state and the identification of the change activities required to achieve the target operating model.
  • Behavioral / Cultural Change and Sustaining Change
    Activities that drive and embed change within the organization through leadership and organizational preparedness, motivation, incentives and cultural adjustments.


  • Reduced organizational friction in relation to change programs
  • Increased adoption of change practices
  • Reduced organizational risk from change
  • Enable benefits realization

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