Change Readiness Assessment

In order to pinpoint the key obstacles standing between you and the successful adoption of your business change, you'll want to see what the organization really thinks and feels about it. Pcubed's Change Readiness Assessment is a quick and cost-effective way to do just that.

The Pcubed Change Readiness Assessment predicts how an organization's people will adapt to strategic change - and recommends what steps should be taken to encourage them to adopt the transformation successfully. By engaging closely with those affected by the business change, we can objectively pinpoint the crucial early indicators which can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure.

Whether deployed at the outset of your initiative or a later stage, the Change Readiness Assessment delivers practical, timely and actionable insights, tailored to your specific needs.


  • Helps safeguard the delivery of expected benefits.
  • Improves employee satisfaction by engaging them throughout the business transition.
  • Identifies and addresses sources of resistance and apathy surrounding the change.
  • Identifies risks early on in the process so they can be more cost-effectively managed.
  • Provides insight for improvement in other areas of the business.

What's Delivered

  • A compilation and analysis of data drawn from across the organization with clear, condensed findings.
  • A series of recommendations outlining the practical actions needed to secure effective business adoption, successful outcomes and maximum benefits.
  • An implementation plan for addressing the root causes of resistance or apathy.

Pcubed's expertise and experience in program leadership and project delivery uniquely positions us to assess your organization's capacity for adopting and embedding change - and realizing its long-term benefits.

Making strategic use of the Pcubed Change Readiness Assessment minimises delivery risk and facilitates widespread adoption of your most important strategic transformations.