PMO-In-A-Box (P3MO)

Most PMOs want to boost the flexibility of their methodologies, with 35% planning to decrease the number of mandatory deliverables and 50% expecting to increase the number of optional deliverables across the next two years.

In business today delivery speed is at a premium, but most methodologies slow delivery.

Pcubed P3MO contains ready to go processes, tools and approaches that boost speed and enhance flexibility allowing you to manage agile development across a range of external suppliers.

The modular approach of Pcubed PMO makes it flexible, so you can use only the portions you need, for help with executive support, governance control, creating a center of excellence, benefits management, and more. We help you to quickly get started or back on track fast.

The overall objectives and scope assigned to the P3MO vary considerably depending on the organizational context. They depend on the particular needs of the organization and can include one or more of the following:

  • Decision Making, providing visibility and control and enabling effective timely fact based decision making, notably at executive level.
  • Portfolio Management, helping to shape and drive program and project portfolios to drive up investment returns and achieve business strategic objectives.
  • Program Management, focusing on defining and delivering programs outcomes to generate business benefits, ensuring the strategic alignment of programs and projects.
  • Project Management, focusing on the delivery of project outputs to time, cost and quality.
  • Resource Management, coordinating or supporting the use of resources to facilitate delivery and strengthen organizational capabilities.

The Service Catalogue (functions) of a P3MO can include the following:

  • Executive Support, providing an 'Executive PA', information, input and insight to support executive decision making. It can also include setting up and supporting governance boards.
  • Portfolio Delivery Support, including pipeline management, portfolio optimization, delivery management and benefits management.
  • Program and / or Project Support, including coaching, mentoring, office / administrative support and resources.
  • Program and / or Project Assurance, including program / project monitoring & reporting, gateways, reviews, health checks, external audit support.
  • Governance and Control, guiding and supporting Integrated management of Planning and Reporting, Dependencies, Quality, Costs and Budgets, Resources, Benefits, Risks and Issues, Changes, Gateways and Communications.
  • Information Hub, ensuring the accessibility, integrity and security of information as well ensuring effective communications with stakeholders. This includes Documentation Management, Configuration Management, Communication and Stakeholder Management, Knowledge Base Management and Reporting.
  • Methodologies, providing a 'center of excellence' for defining, deploying and supporting best practice Portfolio, Program and Project Management processes
  • Tools, providing 'center of excellence' for defining, deploying and supporting appropriate Portfolio, Program and Project Management tools.
  • Capability Building, via capability planning, training, coaching, mentoring, recruitment support, induction, attaches, professional advancement and skills transfer.