Project Capability Planning

Case Study : Food Production Corp. (International/North America)

  • Business Challenge- Develop a Client-specific best-practice approach to project management.
  • Approach- Pcubed consultant's worked closely with key Client staff to ensure stakeholder awareness and buy-in at every stage of development.
  • Solutions and Benefits- The resulting methodology is in place and is providing a robust project management framework.

Assess an organization's ability to apply project management processes and drive progress towards desired improvement targets.


Establishing an accurate understanding of current program management and project management capabilities is an essential step in the planning and execution of comprehensive improvement efforts. Pcubed consultants partner with organizational leaders to assess organizational and individual competencies, define improvement strategies, identify targets for improvement efforts, and chart an improvement roadmap.

Without the appropriate level of program management capabilities, there is an inherently higher risk of cost and time overruns - as well as the failure to achieve quality objectives. This limits the potential to effectively realize the benefits targeted in the program's business case.


A structured approach to assessing, planning, and addressing program and project management capability helps organizations:

  • Obtain an accurate understanding of an organization's program management and project management capabilities.
  • Establish and implement a mechanism to assess individuals across multiple areas:
    • What to know (Formal PM training / certification).
    • How to do (Project experience Type / Expertise).
    • How to be (Professional attitudes / behaviors).
    • How to perform (Delivery ability).


Pcubed's consultants partner with their Clients to design and implement an optimal capability assessment and planning approach:

  1. Assessment- Conduct an initial organizational assessment to understand, document and agree on the current baseline maturity of the organization in terms of people, process, and tools.
  2. Roadmap Development- Develop a roadmap to guide capability evolution activities that will help drive the organization towards desired improvement goals.
  3. Implementation- Tailor Pcubed's standard assessment approach to enable ongoing capture of people, process, and organizational capability. Roll out the ongoing assessment approach as part of steady state business to guide organizational maturity evolution and the formal training of project managers. Implement individual coaching to bridge capability gaps.

Organizational Program Management Environment

Diagram : Organizational program management environment

Pcubed Capability Planning enables organization's to regain confidence in capability to deliver, small, medium and large projects as well as programs within their portfolios. Ability to execute processes is optimized, matching the organization's maturity and positioned to evolve with the organization.

Pcubed's consultants leverage expertise gained from addressing program management capability challenges with clients from around the world. Their broad organizational program management knowledge and experience is complimented with a suite of proven industry standards-based assessment tools.