Project PMO Setup, Delivery & Improvement

Case Study : US Financial Services Co. IT PMO Process and Tools Solution

  • Business Challenge- Establish PMO capability to address lack of visibility into the IT portfolio, as well as immature project prioritization and approval process.
  • Solution- Pcubed consultants created a strategy for a repeatable process of approving, capturing, prioritising and managing projects within the portfolio.
  • Benefits- Business unit managers now utilize project ranking criteria and pipeline reviews along with the new toolset to provide portfolio and resource visibility with a capacity vs. demand view of all projects.

Implement and manage an effective Program Management Office and its targeted functions.


Pcubed PMO Setup and Delivery is the implementation and operation of a Program Management Office (PMO) capability to provide visibility and insight into critical business programs, enabling effective decisions and control. A PMO can be rapidly established to drive operational program, project, and portfolio management at an enterprise, business unit, or departmental level - or setup to focus on more effective management of a single program. A high-performing PMO plays a critical part in driving successful program and project delivery across an organization, ensuring the required level of planning, control and delivery assurance are in place.


An effective PMO is a key enabler to program success. Improved visibility and insight into program and project performance enables executives to more effectively control results. An effective PMO helps organizations:

  • Increase confidence in planning- A well defined baseline plan underpinned by an appropriate level of detailed planning gives confidence that program goals are achievable.
  • Increase confidence in status- Clear and consistent reporting across each project / program and portfolio of work, underpinned by reliable data supports effective program leadership.
  • Control Changes- Ability to effectively understand and manage changes to ensure deviations are based on a clear understanding of impacts.
  • Manage continuous improvement- Use of program data to understand performance issues and strengths to help focus efforts on improving delivery capability.


Pcubed PMO Setup and Delivery implements a new organizational and team capability, either as a new centre of excellence or through redefining the operation and capability of an existing organization or team. There are five core phases to creating a PMO:

  1. PMO Definition- Identify the organization's business goals and objectives and project and program management support. Identify and define the necessary functions, roles, controls and desired maturity level.
  2. PMO Roadmap Development- Establish a path that best fits the organization's values, capacity and ability to implement controls. This will cover people, process and tools.
  3. Implementation- Deploy appropriate people, processes, and tools to achieve short-term PMO roll out objectives and attain initial control of programs and projects.
  4. Transitioning to Delivery- Pcubed consultants lead PMO operations to meet organizational demands and support portfolio, program and project success.
  5. Consolidation- Drive PMO evolution through the PM Maturity Roadmap towards desired maturity state; working towards steady state operation.
  6. Steady State Operations- Deliver ongoing PMO functions. Manage continuous PMO and program management improvements. Drive continuing evolution towards desired maturity level.
PM Maturity Roadmap : Program Management Office

Maturity Level

Level 1

Initial / Ad Hoc

Level 2

Planned / Repeatable

Level 3

Defined / Organized

Level 4

Integrated / Managed

Level 5

Optimized / Sustained

Typical PMO Evaluation

No effective PMO model, often due to past failure(s) with a Project Office or PMO Project Office that focuses mainly on strategic projects and/or best practices PMOs provide effective mentoring, training, and oversight for project managers and teams. An Enterprise PMO provides proactive support of programs and related projects. Enterprise PMO has evolved to a true Decision Support Office for Executives.

Pcubed's proven implementation approach focuses on the following:

  • Quick and efficient implementation to put a PMO structure in place.
  • Effective control focused initially on the most critical delivery issues.
  • Objective PMO capability that brings delivery assurance across programs and projects.
  • Integration of the PMO solution across the organization to optimize impact to program and project delivery.

Pcubed understands the challenging nature of organizational program and project management and has a track record helping its clients deliver their most critical and complex programs. This enables successful PMO implementations within the context of any organization.