Project Portfolio Management Solutions

Combining technology with project management expertise

On any Enterprise Project Delivery engagement, Pcubed draws on more than 20 years of project, programme and portfolio management to deliver results on time and to budget.

Enterprise project management allows us to combine the best of our technological capabilities with award winning project management.

The result is a combined technology and business solution that provides sustained value, aligned with an organisation’s strategic intent.

For Pcubed, we want the progress we’ve made to last long after we’ve left and it’s for this reason that we provide results built to last. Using change management interventions, ‘train-the-trainer’ approaches to embedding knowledge and effective communication, we can prepare an organisation to adopt the new technologies integral to our service.

Often, our service involves centralising and organising data to allow executives at a glance decision-making, as well as streamlining the process of prioritising projects. Simplifying or automating processes in this way allows our clients to focus on activities that add value to their organisations and minimise those that don’t.


People Centred Approach to Enterprise Solutions

At Pcubed, we recognise that the needs and challenges of every organisation are unique. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and prefer to work closely with our clients, crafting services that put their needs first.

To do this, we take a holistic apprach to Enterprise Solutions.  Along side technological expertise, we offer change management services to identify and facilitate our clients' cultures.

Pcubed consultants take pride in offering solutions tailored to our clients, we're not interested in tailoring our clients to these solutions.


Expert Insight


Our success in understanding our clients’ unique requirements lies in the fact that our business is organised to serve vertical markets.

These are led by experts in their respective industries, who provide insight on the challenges specific to these sectors, and support our Enterprise Project Delivery consultants to bring value to engagements, whatever the context. 


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