Project Process Solutions

Case Study : Snack Food Production Corp. (Worldwide/North America)

  • Business Challenge- Develop a Client-specific best-practice approach to project management.
  • Approach- Pcubed consultant's worked closely with key Client staff to ensure stakeholder awareness and buy-in at every stage of development.
  • Solutions and Benefits- The resulting methodology is in place and is providing a robust project management framework.

Build and enhance fundamental program management and project management processes.


In today's fast-paced competitive environment, companies must deliver their key strategic initiatives reliably. Pcubed consultants partner with their clients to develop and implement an enhanced program and project management process framework. This set of best-in-class processes creates a foundation for long-term sustainable delivery, providing the organization with the ability to more effectively deliver program and projects and their accompanying business change required to achieve organizational strategies.

Organizations without reliable processes remain dependent on heroic project team members. While heroes may be able to deliver some of the most complex projects, outcomes are typically unpredictable. In these organizations, each project often starts with a blank slate - continuous reinvention is common and successful practices are rarely shared. Pcubed's Process Solutions address these program management and project management capabilities at both the organizational and individual levels.


An enhanced program and project management process framework helps organizations:

  • Enhance awareness and adoption of program and project management processes and capabilities.
  • Chart their improvement path across an integrated roadmap that draws from assessment results and improvement recommendations.
  • Increase delivery capability by providing a comprehensive framework for project and program management.
  • Increase discipline in their project and program management approach through formalized processes - achieve a consistent approach to project management through well-defined and pragmatic processes.
  • Leverage best practices across the organization.


Pcubed's consultants partner with their Clients to design and implement processes that are uniquely tailored, following a proven approach:

  1. Organizational Assessment.
  2. Improvement Roadmap Development.
  3. Roadmap Execution.
  4. Transition.

Engagement planning includes a collaborative definition of ultimate outcomes to guide the team and help focus the organizational assessment. Following Executive Sponsor approval - Improvement Roadmap execution implements and integrates all Process Solutions elements. These elements are actively managed following transition to help ensure their support of ongoing organizational and individual capability improvements.

Pcubed consultants draw from the following approach when planning and executing a unique Process Solutions implementation with their client.

Pcubed's Process Solutions Approach

This highly collaborative approach aligns members from across the organization around current capabilities and improvement goals. Pcubed Process Solutions activities bring these key stakeholders together to develop the elements required to lead improvements and attain short and long-term organizational goals.

Each Pcubed Process Solutions implementation is led by a Pcubed consultant with practical experience, drawing from an international base of knowledge and best practice that span the total program and project lifecycles.