Portfolio Delivery Management

Case Study - Australian Mutual Organization

Without appropriate portfolio visibility and controls, this client was experiencing problems such as “squeaky wheel” prioritization and unrealistic business cases. Working with the ePMO, Pcubed developed and implemented a roadmap introducing Portfolio Delivery Management disciplines based around needs and capacity for organizational change.

Providing you with the right capabilities to successfully deliver value from your portfolio of projects.


The ultimate aim of portfolio delivery management is to improve the return on each new dollar (or Euro) invested.

Pcubed Portfolio Delivery Management covers several interlinking capabilities that allow your organization to realize the value from “doing the right projects right”:

  • Reliable capture and qualification of ideas.
  • Ongoing selection and investment in the right projects and programs.
  • A robust delivery process for the selected projects and programs.
  • Assurance that claimed benefits will be delivered.
  • Assurance that scarce resources are invested in a way which maximizes value.


Pcubed Portfolio Delivery Management offers your company a wide range of benefits:

  • Invest for Success - Assess new projects at start-up to ensure that they contribute to your strategic drivers, will create real benefits, and are affordable.
  • Achieve Value for Money Gains - Avoid wasting money by identifying and stopping current projects that will not deliver intended benefits. Use this financial headroom to decrease costs or divert funding to more strategic investments.
  • Maximized ROI - Create an optimized portfolio; balanced to deliver strategic aims, maximize ROI and reduce risk.
  • Reliable Delivery - Strengthen the discipline around project delivery to ensure that what gets funded gets delivered.
  • Process - more rigorous, inclusive and transparent to build organizational support for portfolio resourcing decisions and project delivery.
  • Purposeful Organization - Ensure a seamless, systematic flow from idea generation through delivery to operational success; reduce time to market and ensure the whole team is pulling together.


Pcubed Portfolio Delivery Management is tailored for you to build the following three key capabilities:

  1. Portfolio Optimization- A process, to your requirements, to select and priorities the right projects.
  2. Benefits Management- Supporting your organization in the vital transformation from being focused on project deliverables to actively managing delivery of strategic value.
  3. Performance Management- the ongoing task of monitoring delivery of the portfolio and implementing corrective actions where required.

Pcubed will build Portfolio Delivery Management on your existing capabilities to ensure you get results fast. If required, we will then carefully plan and gradually deploy process changes that allow your organization to profit from more advanced management techniques. Pcubed can also provide the professional resources and supporting technology to supplement your inhouse capabilities.

Diagram : Pcubed portfolio delivery - management interlinks

Some of the deliverables we will gradually introduce to your organization:

  • Appropriate portfolio governance framework.
  • Best practice selection metrics and techniques based around strategic alignment, financials, resource capacity constraints and other criteria that suit your business.
  • Standardized Business Case documentation and process.
  • Standardized delivery lifecycles- robust processes e.g. planning, change, risks, releasing, resources.
  • Simple Benefits Management Framework.
  • Performance Management : Pre- and Post-launch metrics and measures for aspects such as quality, benefits realization, customer satisfaction and commercial performance.

Pcubed Portfolio Delivery Management is not just theory - Pcubed brings practical real-world experience in every point of the portfolio delivery lifecycle to ensure your implementation is a success.