Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management Services help you maximize the value and impact from your project and program investments, providing you with confidence in delivery of strategy and benefits within financial, resource and schedule constraints.

We help you implement fact based, best practice approaches and tools for selection, optimization and delivery management of the portfolio.


  • Portfolio Innovation ›
    Pcubed Portfolio Innovation Management creates an environment that fosters the flow of creative ideas across your organization while providing a structure to collect and evaluate investment ideas.
  • Portfolio Optimization ›
    Pcubed Portfolio Optimization provides your organization with a strategic level process for selecting and prioritizing programs and projects and optimizing your entire portfolio along corporate constraints.
  • Portfolio Delivery ›
    Providing you with the right capabilities to successfully deliver value from your portfolio of projects.
  • Benefits Management ›
    Pcubed Benefits Management is a proven method of ensuring your organization's investments actually deliver business value.


  • Gain Visibility
  • Select Right Projects
  • Achieve Value for Money Gains
  • Maximized ROI
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Purposeful Organization
  • Benefit Accountability