Innovation & Portfolio Management

Innovation & Portfolio Management creates an environment that fosters the flow of creative ideas across an organization while providing a structure to collect and evaluate investment ideas. Objective investment decisions maximize business benefits, balance risks, and address corporate constraints. Portfolio, Program, and end-to-end product lifecycle management provides the visibility and control necessary to achieve strategies and realize targeted organizational benefits - driving sustainable market success.

Innovation & Portfolio Management (IPM) is an integrated management discipline that transforms knowledge and creative ideas into market successes. IPM applies to all forms of innovations in a company.

The Most Difficult Part of the Innovation Equation is not "What?" but "How To?"


Pcubed's collaborative consulting approach drives Innovation & Portfolio Management delivery from existing organizational capabilities to provide immediate results. Other organizational enhancements - process, technology, capability evolution - can then be carefully planned and rolled-out across the organization, creating the opportunity to benefit from more advanced management techniques across the IPM lifecycle.

Our three-phased approach defines and positions the necessary collaboration, structure, management, process, and technology to select and drive delivery of innovative ideas with the most impact to business success.

Diagram : The innovation process

Innovation and portfolio delivery capabilities are enabled by an integrated technology solution, built on the proven SharePoint® and Project Server® enterprise management and collaboration foundation. Microsoft, PTC, and Pcubed have partnered to provide unique Innovation and Portfolio features through the integration of PTC's PPMLink® with the platform.

Components critical to IPM success are addressed as part of a holistic approach towards enhancing organizational delivery capability. The innovation portfolio mix includes a balance of innovation types and innovation initiatives that are aligned with growth strategies. Leaders are focused on the behaviors that drive innovation culture while creating a collaborative innovation environment. Business and technology are integrated to accelerate the capability to effectively manage the innovation pipeline as an organizational discipline.

To drive long-term IPM success, the approach must build a sustainable IPM environment that delivers business results aligned to corporate strategies. The organization is able to objectively select and effectively manage a portfolio of diverse innovation investments tied to strategic intent with risk and constraints balanced - real innovation investment benefits are defined, managed, and realized. The leadership team brings a new discipline to the often chaotic, uncharted waters of innovation and portfolio management.

Pcubed's Innovation & Portfolio Management is not just theory. Pcubed brings practical real-world experience in every point of the portfolio delivery lifecycle to ensure each implementation is a success. Pcubed's Strategic Innovation Framework includes seven dimensions that provide the structure necessary to create the IPM environment and drive business results.

Diagram : Strategic Innovation Framework

Key Innovation & Portfolio Management Benefits

Planning and implementing an integrated approach that addresses the end-to-end IPM lifecycle provides short-term results and benefits while creating an environment for sustained innovation-driven business improvements.

  • Maintain or capture industry leadership positions
  • Accelerate adoption of systematic approach to new business creation and commercialization
  • Reduce lifecycle for major innovation investments by 25-33% or greater
  • Increase revenue contribution to lines of business by a factor of 2 to 3 times
  • Improve the bottom line by pursuing higher margin innovation investments
  • Simultaneous implementation: Business Improvement Programs (BIP) and Innovation Product Programs
  • Work of interdependent teams streamlined and accelerated
  • Increased efficiency and throughput across the organization