Tools : Pcubed Portfolio

Let Pcubed help you get a head start on portfolio calibration, optimization, and management with Pcubed Portfolio. Gain visibility, insight, and control across your project, program, and application portfolios.

We have built on Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2010, using our experience over hundreds of engagements, to add preconfigured industry-specific best practices, helping you to get your enterprise portfolio management under control.

Identify, build, and manage portfolios that align with your business strategy. Pcubed Portfolio enriches Microsoft's portfolio management software, creating a swifter product that gives you results in less time, with less expertise and effort, all using the familiar Microsoft Project Portfolio interface.

Depending on your industry, you can jump-start your team's efforts by bypassing the generic set up included with Microsoft Project Portfolio, and instead using our industry-specific configurations.

Pcubed Portfolio includes proposed project drivers, process flows, complexity and risk assessments, and ready-to-go charts and diagrams.

Pcubed Portfolio and experienced Pcubed consultants will help managers and executives:

  • JumpStart programs with an out-of-the-box configuration.
  • Prioritize each project and program in your portfolio in order to determine the value of each.
  • Manage projects and programs according to priority, so that you allocate resources based on the strategic value of each project, including its financial benefits.
  • Track project interdependencies by linking to Microsoft Project.

Pcubed Portfolio can serve as a complete portfolio optimization solution. Or your business can integrate it with additional Pcubed enterprise project management solutions, including DeliveryHub and Portfolio Delivery Management.