Program Assurance

Case Study : National Public Sector Program, UK Government

The program was established to give effect to three high-profile public sector recommendations around deficiencies and failings in the management and sharing of information and intelligence within the security services at national and local levels.

Key Challenges:

  • Bring clear direction and leadership to the program pending the appointment of the permanent Program Director.
  • Build an effective, single Program Team with resources drawn from a variety of different organizations.
  • Establish an effective, cross-functional organization structure.

And, following the appointment of the Program Director:

  • Advise and assist in the management of the program and its constituent projects.
  • Form a strong, focused delivery team to provide the required capabilities.
  • Develop effective relationships with key Stakeholders.
  • Advise and assist in delivering the first solution to the customer base, on time and to the requisite quality standards.

Pcubed provided consultancy services and advice in the following areas:

  • Project and Program Management Skills.
  • Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Business Case Writing.
  • Project Reviews and Health Checks.
  • Supplier Management.

Pcubed has contributed significantly to the management of the program and to the achievement of its early deliverables. Through the provision of team leadership, consultancy services, advice and key implementation skills, Pcubed has laid a firm foundation for the continuing success of the program.

Helping you understand the health of your program with an independent audit and recommendations on where to best focus improvement efforts.


Pcubed Program Assurance confirms the achievability of a program and assures that sufficient management systems are in place to monitor, manage and deliver outlined business objectives.

It provides you with confidence in the delivery of key initiatives and confidence in spend; so that you may be assured that your investments are strategically aligned with the goals of the organization and delivering the required outcomes and benefits.


Pcubed Program Assurance will benefit your program in the following ways:

  • Focus and Deliverability- Identify hotspot areas of the program where management attention is required to ensure the successful delivery of the program and realization of its defined benefits. Focusing efforts on and assuring the ability to deliver planned outcomes and benefits to time, cost and quality.
  • Provide Confidence in Systems and Controls- Assure you, the program and its sponsors that effective systems and controls are in place for elements such as reporting, planning, issues and risk management, change control etc.
  • Assure Governance- Provide you with confidence that roles and responsibilities are effectively defined and appropriate accountability is in place from executive sponsors to program and project team members.
  • Confirm Communications- Assure you that transparent and consistent communication upward to the executive management team and across all stakeholders is taking place.
  • Cross-Program View- From unique 'cross-program' perspective, identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement within program 'silos'.


Pcubed Portfolio Optimization methodologies incorporate fundamental elements, which will be tailored to your needs:

  1. Assessment
    • Objectively assess the key program definition products and controls for alignment to the anticipated business outcomes and benefits.
    • Assess stakeholder understanding and buy-in to anticipated outcomes and benefits, and supporting program definition and controls.
    • Assess the strength and effectiveness of the existing governance and management information mechanisms - behaviors, processes, tools and structures - against the needs of the program or project.
    • Assess the opportunity to increase the competence and effectiveness of delivery teams.
  2. Roadmap
    • Jointly develop a roadmap to address program health issues and to rapidly provide control, direction and drive.
    • Agree how the roadmap will be implemented : typically it can be done in conjunction with existing program delivery activities, though on occasion a separate but parallel activity or full program recovery is more appropriate.

Pcubed's extensive hands-on delivery experience and knowledge of troubled and successful programs and projects, enables us to quickly identify root causes to program health issues, recommend and implement the relevant remedial actions. Our consultants are able to apply industry standards in a real program environment and creatively solve issues unique to an organization's specific environment and culture.