Program Definition and Setup

Helping you define a scope and approach that optimizes both attractiveness and achievability.


Pcubed Program Definition and Setup is focused on helping you effectively and efficiently translate strategic objectives into a program that will deliver expected benefits. We will help you structure a body of work that, from the outset, enables effective delivery, saves time and money, and moves in the right direction.

The result is an efficiently structured program of inter-related projects and work streams, with a strong focus on delivery risk mitigation, benefits and business outcomes.


Pcubed Program Definition and Setup supports successful delivery by:

  • Reducing complexity and enabling quick program mobilization.
  • Gaining stakeholder buy-in from the outset.
  • Ensuring the program starts off on the right track, with the right focus and ethos.
  • Providing a flexible delivery framework linking your people, processes and tools to readily manage and deliver against evolving requirements.
  • Aligning program outcomes with the strategic objectives of the organization.
  • Producing credible plans for your on-time / on-budget achievement.


  1. Delivery Strategy and Definition- Develop an early stage understanding of strategic goals, the delivery strategy and the “blueprint” of required delivery capabilities (in terms of people, processes and systems). Create the definition necessary to develop a robust, detailed delivery plan for the program.
  2. Develop Delivery Plan- Develop a detailed understanding of program requirements, risks and constraints. Define and agree the required program structure and outline delivery plan to allow the program to commit to its benefits profile, costs and schedule. This phase is the key predictor of program success and is where senior management can have the greatest effect.
  3. Approach and GovernanceConsider the implementation of a Program Management Office (PMO) to provide visibility and insight into the program, enabling effective decisions and control.
  4. Program Delivery Preparation- Implement the agreed structure and delivery plan to effectively achieve complex change initiatives and create a foundation for long-term sustainable delivery.

Pcubed Program Definition and Setup will establish a strong, clear platform for delivery, setting out the Strategy, Design, Delivery Plans, Approaches and Governance necessary to guide the delivery team:

Program Strategy
The Case for Change Business Development & Marketing Strategy
Stakeholder Goals & Expectations Organization Strategy
Policy & Legislation Technology Strategy
Objectives, Milestones & Success Criteria Integrity & Assurance Strategy
Vision & Guiding Principles External Relationship & Suppliers Strategy
Business Case
Program Design
High-level Program Design
Products, Services & Channels Design
  • External Relationship & Suppliers Design
  • Integrity & Assurance Design
  • IT Service Management Design
  • Business Performance Management Design
  • Customer Experience Design
People, Organization & Culture Design
Service Management Design
Technology Design (Network, Hardware, Applications & Data)
Estates & Facilities Design
Program Delivery Plan
Project Portfolio Definition
Program Plan
Program Value Realization Plan
Program Approach & Governance
Program Organization
Program Controls