Program Delivery

Case Study : Criminal Justice IT - UK Government

Criminal Justice IT (CJIT) is a cross-government departmental team delivering IT solutions that help join up the Criminal Justice System (CJS) which encompasses the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Courts, Prisons, Probation and Youth Offending Teams (YOTs). The UK government is investing around £2bn to deliver what is one of the Prime Minister's priority programs.

As a complex program for a start-up organization with limited project management skills and experience, there were roles which were crucial for the successful delivery of the program, whether as key decision-makers or critical domain knowledge owners.

Pcubed assisted CJIT to identify these and provided Program and Project Management resources, in some cases as interim managers, and in others sitting alongside Civil Servants as trusted advisors to deliver this critical program. This achieved a number of important outcomes including;

  • assisting in stabilising cross-program delivery,.
  • allowing the lead manager (usually a Civil Servant) to focus on managing key stakeholders and relationship-building,.
  • providing the impetuous and drive to complete challenging deliverables on time.

Pcubed's value in this engagement was the ability to transfer skills and build capability through institutionalising the delivery. We identified skilled civil servants whom we have mentored and helped to develop to backfill positions previously held by consultants. A transition plan for each consultant role allowed a timely and seamless hand-over from Pcubed resources to Civil Servants. As a result Pcubed left CJIT not only with a program successfully delivered but with the capability to deliver the next round of CJS reform.

Empowering your organization to deliver critical complex programs through targeted support.


Pcubed Program Delivery allows you to supplement the capabilities and experience of your own organization with the expertise and knowledge of Pcubed consultants to “supercharge” program teams with the people skills and know how required to successfully deliver the most critical, complex programs.

This service allows clients to increase the competence and effectiveness of delivery teams by leveraging Pcubed's highly qualified and experienced individuals. This can be achieved within the framework of a managed delivery service, providing the right skills, knowledge and experience, appropriate for the task, at the right time.


Pcubed Program Delivery allows our clients to realize the following benefits:

  • Access to experienced and skilled resources on demand - This reduces delays and costs associated with mobilizing a program and constraints caused by scarce (often specialized) resources.
  • Reduced costs and delays on programs - Using appropriately skilled and experienced staff backed by Pcubed's support infrastructure reduces the delays and costs associated with potentially ineffective program management.
  • Increased flexibility and cost effectiveness - Pcubed resources are multi-skilled allowing flexibility across the team. Programs always involve rapid changes in requirements, which using Pcubed resourcing can solve more effectively than recruiting and managing internal teams or external contractors.
  • Effective Supplier Management - Independent third party perspective drives increased performance.


Pcubed approaches program delivery in four stages:

  1. Problem Identification and Service Definition- we assess the challenges faced by the program and work with you to define the services to be provided and the details of the formal arrangements.
  2. Integrated Service Delivery- Pcubed consultants are provided under the framework or managed service agreement with continuous monitoring of performance and client requirements. Pcubed maintains focus on the Program Outcomes - our consultants' goals are aligned with your program objectives. Each Pcubed team and individual has the ability to apply output from other delivered Pcubed services, and / or exploit Pcubed's intellectual property (process, tools and knowledge) gained from thousands of successfully delivered engagements. Pcubed's talent management program ensures our individuals' skills are at the cutting edge through incentivized personal development (at no cost to the client). We are also focused on knowledge transfer and keeping our clients (and their resources) abreast of the latest ideas and developments in program delivery.
  3. Continuous Quality Assurance- reviews (monthly, break point and completion of service element) are carried out, client satisfaction monitored and service developments agreed with you. This is continuous improvement; we have no hidden political or organization agenda - we are there to get the job done. This is facilitated through our structured goal-based performance metrics and reviews. Where appropriate we may share the risk of delivery with the client.
  4. Handover and / or Closure- following recruitment of permanent and / or up skilling of existing staff, Pcubed handover to these resources, transitioning our knowledge and skills for in-house retention. It is our goal to build the organizational program management delivery capability of your teams and to promote a repeatable integrated delivery culture within your organization.

Pcubed Program Delivery provides you with accelerated engagement, networked intelligence and delivery assurance.