Program Diagnostic

If you're trying to figure out whether a program will meet its goals and achieve the change you're seeking, Pcubed's Program Diagnostic can help.

Its focus is to help you analyze your initiatives throughout their lifecycles. Implement the tool at the start of a program to check your project delivery environments for potential risk areas and recovery points or add Program Diagnostic at any time during a program to help the management team identify troubled projects early on by highlighting problem areas and slipping schedules.

Following the Pcubed best practice map, which draws on our experience with hundreds of organizations, our consultants lead you through the use of Program Diagnostic to identify symptoms, corrections, and preventative measures. Implement it at any stage before or during a program, including:

  • Set up : Dramatically accelerate program setup using ready-made roadmap and management tools. Makes maintenance during a project easier too.
  • Delivery : Add benchmark processes to measure progress and make course corrections as you roll out your program.
  • Assurance : Track progress to assure success and catch problems early.
  • Recovery : Search out areas of failure so you can refocus resources.

By answering key questions about the establishment, management, and release of your program, Program Diagnostic creates a transformation map that will help guide your organization to program success. A heat map exposes areas that need attention now or shortly. With early warnings and recommended interventions, you can greatly reduce the time and effort in turning a problem program around.

Use Program Diagnostic to control the successful implementation of your new programs and give your executive team the fact-based assurance they want that your program is on track to deliver as planned.