Program Recovery

UK Government Case Study

In early 2005 the UK government decided to re-launch a major police Intelligence data program under new management to deliver business change enabled by technology. The complex program involved multiple releases of national applications to share 76m records from 43 police forces.

An interim Program Director was appointed from Pcubed. The recovery plan featured supplying project and program management skills, setting up a Program Management Office (PMO), Business Case writing and conducting project reviews and health checks.

By the end of 2005 a new program business case had been agreed, a permanent Program Director from the Civil Service was in place, and a reorganised re-skilled team was working to the revised delivery plan. Despite earlier delays the first program release was delivered on time and budget and won a prize for government IT projects.

Helping you to turn around your failing program by uncovering the issues and implementing a recovery roadmap.


Pcubed Program Recovery is focused on helping you get your troubled program back on track. The aim is to deliver the outcomes and benefits needed by the business. Pcubed Program Recovery addresses the issues underlying a failing program, including:

  • Mistakes made at the start, during definition and setup.
  • Wrong or conflicting directions at critical program junctures.
  • Deviation from the original plan during program delivery.

The techniques can also be applied to changes in program scope or direction due to changed strategic objectives.


  • Maximizing ROI- removing delivery obstacles and causes of delay in order to deliver strategic aims while maximizing return on investment and reducing risk.
  • Investing for Success- assurance that the program still contributes to your strategic drivers, will create real benefits for your organization and remains affordable.
  • Reliable Delivery- strengthening the disciplines around project delivery to ensure that, for this program and in future, what gets commissioned gets delivered.
  • A more purposeful organization- ensuring a seamless, systematic flow of program information; reduce time to market and ensure the whole team is pulling together.


All program recoveries are unique but common elements of our approach include:

  1. Understanding the context- through reviews, interviews and documentation we identify the links - and disconnects - between strategy, stakeholders and program. We seek to understand how the program breaks down into projects, products or releases, and how its benefits are to be realized.
  2. Identifying the reality- we analyze specifications and plans, and validate status reports with the teams 'on the ground'. By combining practical experience with best practice techniques we provide a clear view in business-friendly language of what the program status really is and where the key issues are.
  3. Mapping the way ahead- we offer realistic options and advise on ways of recovering the program. Where the original intention can no longer be achieved, we can suggest alternatives that protect the organization's investment as much as possible. This would be detailed in the Recovery Plan.
  4. Achieving the recovery- we can assist with or lead the recovery of the program. Pcubed consultants with relevant experience can drive through the Recovery Plan as part of your program team, or as the program's interim leadership, to achieve rapid recovery results.
  5. Driving long term change- our expertise in project, program and portfolio management can be harnessed to ensure not just this program but future programs are more successful. You can mix and match specialist consultancy with on-the-job skills and knowledge transfer to improve your in-house capabilities.

Pcubed's value add is based solidly on the practical experience of its people. Choosing Pcubed Program Recovery gives you access to our professional knowledge of the full program lifecycle, best practice from around the world, and real life experience of 'what works'.