Tools : Portfolio Accelerator

Pcubed Portfolio Accelerator helps you quickly prioritize your projects for success, using key business criteria and budget constraints.

Need to rapidly assess which projects are succeeding and helping your organization meet its goals, and which aren't? Portfolio Accelerator can help you measure and prioritize your projects to determine which have the most strategic value.

Ensure your success by drawing on our experience over hundreds of engagements. Portfolio Accelerator implements a simple structured outline - without the complexity of a complex, full-blown portfolio platform - to help your team make smart decisions about your portfolio in this planning cycle.

With minimal cost and effort, you can quickly prioritize projects for the upcoming fiscal year, complete with defendable, data-driven results. Combining Pcubed tools and coaching, Portfolio Accelerator offers:

  • Low upfront cost : Quick return on investment.
  • Rapid deployment : Get started now on prioritizing your portfolio.
  • Quick turnaround : Simple configuration and deployment, so business planning processes can move ahead sooner.
  • Introduces portfolio management : Starts your organization on core concepts and techniques.
  • Data-driven results : Get portfolio decisions backed up with reports and charting analysis.


Pcubed Portfolio Accelerator helps you:

  • Prioritize business drivers : Help your team reach consensus on ranking the reasons behind decisions.
  • Prioritize projects : Base your team's portfolio funding decisions on solid data.
  • Optimize your portfolio : Understand constraints; build an affordable portfolio.
  • Analyze results : Understand where funding is going and why, and create a transparent process for communication among interested parties.